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Sahib Zada, 28 years old, Originally from Pakistan

Sahib Zada, 28 years old, Originally from Pakistan

Part 1: Before each One

Saheb was born in Pakistan. He studied to become an electronic engineer and worked there for several years.

In 2018, after six months of volunteering with WNGO, he had no choice but to flee his country. When he arrived in France, Sahib was lost: he didn't understand the language, he didn't know anyone, he couldn't work. Suddenly, everything that made him what he was before, no longer exists.

Part 2: During each One

Once his asylum claim is accepted, Saheb is now a refugee. France Terre d'Asile directs him towardseach One. He passes the interview and enters the program.

each One gave me a second life, a new lease on life. They helped me to stand on my feet again.

Sahib did his course at the HEC campus. Gradually, he got back on his feet, he learnt French and began to understand how the country worked. This new guidance allowed him to motivate himself again and envisage a stable professional future.

With each Oneit, I found a family: I was like a child.

Above all, he meets a lot of great people who help him to build a space in which he feels safe, and where he starts to evolve again without fear and with hope. The team and the teachers are attentive, warm and the learning methods are useful and effective. each One gives him the keys to understand what surrounds him, and to integrate.

With his mentor, Sahib dug into the possibilities available to him, identified his strengths and weaknesses and rebuilt his career plan. The engineering profession requires a mastery of the language that he did not yet have, and Sahib was motivated to open himself up to other opportunities. He knows that he likes human contact and that he's really good in customer relations.

each One directs it towards a training programme run by the association and its partners Wero and Pôle Emploi in collaboration with CEPROC (training centre for culinary professions): it combines French and soft skills courses, employability workshops and more technical courses to learn all the tricks of the butcher's trade.

Part 3: After each One

Now I feel integrated, I know the culture, I have friends, I feel like I belong.

Today, Saheb is doing a vocational diploma at CAP, for 18 months, to become a butcher. In the laboratories, he cuts, bones, labels: he prepares the meat and puts it on the shelves. His training ends in 2021.

Besides that, Sahib enjoys being with his friends, with whom he lives in a shared flat in the Essonne department: he finally feels at home.

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