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Ketevani Barikhashvili, 27 years old, Originally from Georgia

Ketevani Barikhashvili, 27 years old, Originally from Georgia

Part 1: Before each One

Ketevani Barikjashvili is from Azerbaijan. She lived for 7 years in Georgia, where she studied TV and documentary filmmaking.

In 2017, she moved to France to settle there permanently. Accompanied by the AVARA socio-cultural center, Ketevani took her first French lessons, participated in video workshops, marveled at the greatest historical monuments in Paris and the Ile-de-France region and gradually ventured out into the city.

The real question was where to start: the fabric of community life was dense, the system complex; she needed an impetus to start moving.

Part 2: During each One

each OneIt's really the best training I've discovered in France.

It's thanks to AVARA that Ketevani hears about each One. For her, it's the beginning of a new chapter: suddenly projecting oneself into the future becomes possible again. The courses are intensive but the rhythm ensures a fast progression: 16 hours of French per week allow her to obtain the B2 level in French in a few months. The course on French culture, gives him the keys to understand the culture of the country, and the concrete tools to make a place for himself there.

each One helped me a lot to integrate: I made a lot of friends!

The atmosphere is familiar: Ketevani is once again part of a communityeach One. She is not alone: the teachers are available, and the new friends are numerous. With her Buddy, she practices French, both written and spoken. Her coach and mentor are essential assets in rebuilding her professional ambition. Her mentor explores with her the possibilities: training courses, internships, diplomas, to define the next steps. Her coach works with her on her CV and cover letter in order to apply in an efficient and relevant way.

Thanks toeach One, I was able to start my project.

Above all, Ketevani has been dreaming of setting up his project for two years. His goal: to create an association that allows newcomers and refugees to integrate in France, through artistic activities such as painting, poetry, theatre. During the training, Ketevani met his partner, Obeid Hassan, a Sudanese who shares the same aspiration. He put each One them in touch with Singa, an enthusiastic incubator who, since October 2019, has been accompanying them in the creation of Tam'Art.

Part 3: After each One

After studying at the Sorbonne Nouvelle with the aim of obtaining a university degree in the French language, Ketevani decided to devote himself fully to the development of his project.

I had had the idea of this association for two years, but before each Onethat, I had never considered the possibility of making this project a reality.

Tam'Art is booming and the participants are very motivated. Ketevani and her co-founder are there to share their experience and their journey. For her, that is the challenge: to allow those who have left everything behind to consider the possibility of rebuilding themselves through integration. And this can be done through culture.

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