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Karamaldeen Hassan, 32 years old, Originally from Sudan

Karamaldeen Hassan, 32 years old, Originally from Sudan

Part 1: Before each One

Karamaldeen Hassan is Sudanese. After studying public relations in Sudan for three years, he studied e-commerce in India for four years.

In 2015, he fled his country, crossing Egypt, Italy, Paris, Calais and planned to reach England where he has family to seek asylum.

Although Karam ended up applying for asylum in France, and it turned out to be an important decision: on his arrival, he was very touched by the humanity and compassion of the volunteers and associations that welcomed him in Calais. He quickly fell in love with the language. But above all, the sudden loss of one of his travelling companions gave him a jolt: he reviewed his plans and decided to give himself all the tools necessary to succeed, first of all, for his friend.

Once his refugee status was granted, Karam visited his brother in Norway. He was fascinated by the welcome and the care he received in learning the language. The refugees he met there all spoke Norwegian perfectly in less than two years.

Karam experienced it when he arrived, French is a really complicated language. Conjugation, grammar, spelling, it's all a big deal. Karam soon decided to study on his own to complete his lessons. He worked hard, listening to France Inter radio and French songs and doubled his exercises. For him, learning the language was already a way of rebuilding his dignity: it was giving himself a voice, making himself heard, but also integrating and having the keys to understanding a culture and a country so different from his own.

I had hope and perseverance.

His work payed off: he was accepted at university in a master's degree in Entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, Karam had a project: to create the association La Voix des Réfugiés (Voice of Refugees) in Arras, which aims to inform, testify and above all to integrate people through cultural activities, French courses and tutoring.

Part 2: During each One

It's the encounters that allow us to move forward.

Although Karam has managed to get into university on his own, he still needs professional support. Yasmine, one of his friends in Lyon, talks to him about each One and helps him apply. He joins the Science Po Lille program and takes full advantage of all the professional support set up by the association. He meets his mentor, his coach and his buddy.

« each OneEven if I play well, without a coach, I can't progress. »

For him, this was a great asset and a considerable time saver. Because each person has a different role, a particular vision: the three complement each other. With his Buddy, he chats, makes friends, has fun and meets new people. With his Mentor and Coach, he prepares his CV, probes the options that match his ambitions, and progresses in his understanding of the French work world.

With Karam's each Onehelp, Karam reclaims his future: the field of possibilities is much wider than he thought, and four months later, with the help of his mentor, he applies to L'Oréal for a six-month internship in the field of HR development and facilitation. And he gets the job.

Part 3: After each One

each One allows refugees to become actors in their own lives again.

Karam feels fulfilled at L'Oréal, where he started as an intern in the human resources department. There, he managed the arrival of new employees through seminars and integration days. He was also involved in coordinating this year's One Young World, the global summit for young leaders. This is the most international event that has taken place in London since the Olympics. Its goal is to bring together all the leaders under 30 years of age who have an impact and are committed to a more responsible, ecological and humane world.

He is currently in charge of communication projects on social and environmental responsibility for the L'Oréal Foundation and intends to take advantage of his permanent contract to help refugees.

Karam loves his team, he loves his job and he feels that he is a part of the company; he looks forward to the future.

It's my life's project, this association.

At the same time, Karam develops his association with Françoise, a friend he met in a shelter when he arrived. The mayor of Arras is a great support; impressed by his new skills in French and sensitive to solidarity initiatives, he recently found premises for him in Arras. La Voix des Réfugiés is growing rapidly.

Since Karam's interview, he has landed a permanent contract: he is in charge of communication projects at the L'Oréal Foundation and is fully developed.

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