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Our motivation

We are each... opportunity for the company.

We are citizens, students, employees, entrepreneurs, retirees... Regardless of our life paths, our differences and our future ambitions, everyone has and creates value that participates in a common dynamic.

If one of its components gets stuck, it is the whole society that gets tense. For each is intrinsically linked to the other as if it were a cog in a wheel, in turn a driving force and the consequence of a movement. In order to maintain this mechanism, we need the means to create and recreate links, encounters and opportunities for exchange.
that allow the realization of professional and academic projects, but also life projects and ultimately a social project.
Because there is no virtuous society without each and every one of us and for each one of us.

...on the move...

...since 2015.

It was at this time that Theo and Eymeric met Omran and Rateb, two Syrian refugees, one an engineer, the other a student, and they realized and experienced a dichotomy between their potential and the reality of their situation: society has a formidable engine that nevertheless runs on empty.

Like Omran and Rateb, nearly 48,000 refugees are forced to put a stop to their projects and ambitions every year from the moment they arrive in France.

It is in wanting to (re)launch this engine that Théo and Eymeric started the adventure each One on the benches of the ESCP with a strong conviction: each person has a value that they take with them everywhere.

Investing so that each person finds his or her place means creating value for the whole company. reveal the potential...

...of everyone!
Over the years, our teams
each One have developed a simple, innovative and proven solution:
So that today's grandes écoles and universities can prepare their students, tomorrow's leaders, to navigate in an increasingly complex world in which openness to others is a prerequisite for taking advantage of every strength and energy.
For companies to invest in the issue of inclusion as a lever for sustainable performance and act on the motivation and skills development of their employees.
So that these same institutions treat the subject not as yet another social issue but as a corollary of their challenge of sustainability.
So that it has a real impact for newcomers who then concretize an academic and professional project.
So that it benefits each individual who experiences his or her citizenship.
For society as a whole to experience the benefits of integration that creates value for all.
Because there is no "helper - helped" logic at each One. There is something in it for everyone to express their full potential.

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