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Our Team

We are a bunch of friends between the ages of 23 and 35 who all share this choice: optimism versus pessimism! We want to seize the opportunity of the presence of new faces and potentials, to create a bond and to show that society and business have everything to gain by investing in the integration of refugees and newcomers.

How to reach us

Théo Scubla

Founder & Managing Director

Empowering your ideas to become great

Fanny Prigent

Deputy Director

Acceptance and belonging!

Oscar Magaldi

Director of Operations

An Excel a day keeps the doctor away

Charlène Hameau

Activities Director

Passionate about to-do lists, but I promise to take care of myself!

Yann Gourio

Development Director

I took out the mainsail, and I slipped downwind...

Isabelle Le

Communications Director

My job? Putting words into motion

Alexandre Monclin

Director of Public Relations

There are no problems, only solutions

Pauline Prunier

Head of Partnerships

By far, the longest one to choose her saying

Jules Bejot

Head of Higher Education Partnerships

Who too much kisses badly

Jana El-Assaad

Communication Manager

There's no right or wrong situation.

Quentin van Eeckhout

Responsible for program coordination

Coordinated and well-shod

Iris Delahousse

Responsible for program design

Cuckoo Cuckoo Little Parakeet

Valérian Vic

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Blood and gas!

Lucie Fievre

Communication Officer

If I'm not on Instagram, I'm on Twitter

Amélie Delcour

Visual Communication Officer

My favorite color? #1787A5

Gaël Tanguy

Higher Education Partnerships Officer

So many heads, so many opinions

Our board and our experts

In addition to being remarkable people, they have valuable advice and are a part of our executive board.

Eymeric Guinet

Vice Chairman and Acting Chairman

Fanny Lemoine

Secretary General

Lucie Jaeger

Program Team Representative

Guillaume Ronzani

Former Treasurer

Pierre Clément


Hélène Franco


Hamze Ghalebi


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