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Do you want to set up a program each One in your institution or in your city? You are right and our teams are here to help you.

There are 3 things to do to create a programeach One

- Be aware of our Know-How

- Begin preparing the groundwork at the institution that will be hosting the program

- Contact our Institutional Relations Manager

He will be able to evaluate with you the feasibility of such an approach and accompany you throughout your project.

Institutional Relations Manager

Jules Béjot

Head of Institutional Relations

Usual timeline

It takes time to put together a program each One from scratch. From experience and to ensure an optimal launch, we count on 3 months of preparation before starting a springboard program. Here are the main steps

- Meeting and coordinating with the school management to validate the organizational and human pre-requisites

- Recruiting a student team

- Mobilizing partners in the territory to launch the sourcing of participants

- Recruiting volunteer teachers and workshop leaders

- Training by our team on the highlights of the program, the academic base

Our team is available to give you the details of this planning.

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