12 weeks as a springboard to set goals for yourself and activate your potential

The Tremplin program was created with sports coaching in mind. It is piloted in each establishment by a dozen student volunteers who are the relayseach One on the field. Their commitment ensures a tailor-made deployment of the program while guaranteeing its quality.

It removes the initial obstacles for refugees/new arrivals to integrate in France: language and cultural barriers, lack of social connections, difficulty in building the right career in the country, soft skills and credibility.

The program is completely free.


Program classes take place for a maximum of 20 hours per week for 12 weeks. In addition to this main academic base, volunteer teams can lead extra bonus modules on the themes of their choice!

  • Our teaching method is interactive (80% practical, 20% theoretical) with group exercises, case studies, situational exercises, digital games and quizzes, visual aids, expression and comprehension exercises, digital support tools, etc.
  • Assessment of learning is continuous, in the form of an entry quiz and a validation exam.
    This results in a certificate of participation at the end of the course.

FLE (French as a Foreign Language) courses
Professional background


Each participant is put in contact, individually, with 3 people who accompany him/her during the 12 weeks of the program to define and realize their career plan over the long-term.
Tutorials in English
Living in France and employability workshops


A mentor is a person integrated in the professional world whose role is to inspire, redefine a project, motivate and create links within the world of work.


The coach is a student volunteer who provides technical support to the participant in achieving his or her career project or return to studying. 


The buddy is also a student volunteer in charge of helping the participant to practice French and create social links.
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Gain credibility, create opportunities

Grandes Ecoles and Universities

Each program is hosted in a Grande École or University. This offers 4 direct benefits: joining an active network, having access to many resources, sending a positive sign to future recruiters of refugees, and allowing the whole ecosystem of actors to experience their commitment as citizens.


During seminars or through their mentors, the program is an opportunity for participants to meet and exchange with companies.

Selection of participants

To enter, efficiently redirect and optimize applications
Through word of mouth, our ecosystem of partners, or social networks, future participants in our programmes hear about us! The first step is pre-registration via our form. Then, the people corresponding to the criteria below are invited for a motivation interview. If the person is selected, he or she will receive information about the institution where he or she will follow the programme (depending on the language level and the geographical area).
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Criteria for participating in the program

  • Have refugee status or subsidiary protection or family reunification
  • Have a level A1 acquired in French (courses will start at level A2)
  • Be at least 18 years old (no maximum age)
  • Be available and motivated for 12 weeks, 20h/week
  • Selection is not based on level of education
Benefit from the program

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